Saturday, 25 March 2017

Curio Bay in the Catlins

IMG_0946View from Florence Hill lookout heading for Curio Bay.

We had arranged our arrival at Curio Bay to view the penguins arriving home for the night. They come home after a busy day fishing around dusk. 

IMG_0952Tide going out at Curio Bay.

IMG_0953Looks calm enough!

IMG_0954Interesting backdrops to Curio Bay Beach.IMG_0957

After a couple of hours and freezing temperatures we decided to give the game away.  Luckily we had managed to view the penguins on an earlier visit in 2012.

IMG_0955The seas were steadily getting stronger.

IMG_0958Time to give up we thought, what a shame, we were frozen to the bone.

We headed off to the NZMCA property at Niagara Falls for the night after a meal of freshly caught blue cod and chips.

Friday, 24 March 2017

Catlin waterfalls!

IMG_0904Purakaunui Waterfall.

IMG_0916Lovely bush walk on the way to Purakaunui Falls.

IMG_0920Horseshoe Falls as part of the Matai Falls.

IMG_0922Matai Falls.

IMG_0925Another angle of the Matai Falls.

There were several other waterfalls that we could have visited but there's only so many one can visit in a day.  The Mclean Falls were nearby but a long detour on another unsealed road made up our minds for us.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Jack’s Blowhole.

Sounds a little rude doesn't it?.

IMG_0888_thumb[1]Narrow one way bridge over the Mataura River.

IMG_0892_thumb[1]View from our freedom parking spot at Hina Hina Reserve.

IMG_0898_thumb[1]Plenty of unsealed roads in the Catkins. one detour was over 16 kms, not good.

20170322_143245_thumb[1]On our way.

20170322_155155_thumb[1]Looking back down on our motorhomes at the deserted beach.

20170322_150800_thumb1Jack’s Blowhole 55 metres deep and 200 metres inland.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Nugget Point Lighthouse

IMG_0859We followed tracks on the beach at Nugget Point and came upon this fellow.

IMG_0870Now that the road is sealed all the way to the top carpark, although a little narrow  close to the top, we finally made it.

IMG_0868Breath taking views down onto the beach.

IMG_0871Looking back towards Kaka Point.

IMG_0873Our first view of Nugget Point Lighthouse.

IMG_0881Looking down from the lighthouse onto the nursery pool with the young seals.

IMG_0883You can sometimes see penguins on this beach but not today.

The Catlins

After leaving Lawrence we headed for Milton to stay at our friend Dave’s for the night.  Dave had been a neighbour of ours in Stokes Valley who had moved south a few years ago. It was a great opportunity to catch up on all the news and the laundry.

Then we moved to the AMP showgrounds in Mosgiel for the night so that we could both catch up with family members, before heading for Balclutha.

IMG_0827They line up all their baleage in straight rows down here.

IMG_0831Arriving into Balclutha we headed off to the Catlins.

IMG_0841Still playing follow the leader.

IMG_0843Kaka Point.

IMG_0854The lovely beach at Nugget Point.

IMG_0855Parked up for the night close to the beach.

Monday, 20 March 2017

Gabriel’s Gully Lawrence.

As it was a beautiful afternoon and after finding ourselves a good spot for the night we all wandered into town to look around.  Although being late in the day there were not many around.

20170318_152827These bridges are all different.

20170318_164152Welcome to Lawrence.

20170318_163733Just like the old days you can get a ride on a horse and cart.

20170318_164050The Old Stamper Battery used to crush rock so gold could be extracted.

20170318_164517Old cart used to transport the gold carrying rocks.

20170318_171906Now who’s that standing alongside some local identities?

20170318_164616Colourful mannequin in the main street of Lawrence.

20170318_170348Gold Miner statue in Lawrence.

20170318_174748The entrance to Gabriel’s Gully.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Clyde Dam

IMG_0812After visiting the old Cromwell town we headed for the Clyde Dam lookout for lunch.

IMG_0811Looking south to the old bridge in the town of Clyde (the road over the dam being closed for maintenance).

IMG_0813I love these old bridges, rough surface under repair also.

IMG_0818Following the leader again.

IMG_0817Now I need to check this out, what’s that in the water there?

We found a delightful freedom camping spot on the other side of the dam administered by Contact Energy for Self Contained vehicles only,  No mention of this anywhere we’ll have to remember for next time. (I forgot to take a photo).